New Instances

Our analysts have discovered a number of key military targets of great importance. The strikes against Tiamat have never been more critical than these. Below is the intelligence we’ve gathered thus far. Prepare your strikes!

1. Aturam Sky Fortress

Tiamat has managed to ward off both Elyos and Asmodian attacks on Tiamaranta through use of her powerful aerial army. We’ve also heard rumors of plans for an upgraded Dredgion! This is a very covert operation, so you will need to infiltrate the Aturam Sky Fortress alone and cripple their air superiority.

2. Raksang

Reian intelligence has uncovered a disturbing discovery. The feared dragon, Raksha, who was thought dead after a failed coup against Tiamat, still lives! What is worse is that Tiamat now intends to break Raksha’s prison seal and unleash the dreaded dragon against our armies. It is imperative that you defeat Raksha before he awakens and fully regains his power.

3. Elementis Forest / Argent Manor

Argent Manor lies within the Elementis Forest and was a key asset in the research and development of new ways to fight the Balaur until the Drakan sorcerer Zadra imprisoned the Reian sorcerer Davlin and began twisting her experiments.

The Reians believe that Zadra is merging the spirits of the forest into Davlin’s golems, creating a dangerous combination of ethereal power and mechanical might! You must infiltrate this area, rescue Davlin, and put a stop to Zadra and his twisted, unholy constructs!

4. Rentus Base

The Reians have built a secret fortress in the canyon between Tiamaranta and Sarpan in order to launch an extensive counterattack against the Balaur.

Unfortunately, a traitor among the Reian people has leaked its location to the Balaur and we’ve received word that Brigade General Vasharti, a top lieutenant of Tiamat, has infiltrated and conquered the base.

The Reians are requesting our help to reclaim the base and hopefully put an end to Vasharti in the process.