empathic breakthroughs to provide us with the latest in battlefield mobility. These mounts and vehicles will allow Daevas to travel faster than ever! All mounts have flight capabilities, and most have the ability to temporarily boost their speed beyond normal measures.


The gentle Surfrider is as at home in the air or land as it is in the sea. Its strong back can carry a Daeva of any size at fast speeds. Surfrider skintones vary and they can grow to enormous sizes in the wild.


A species of Frillnecks that the Drakan have tamed as mounts. Aether has nurtured these creatures’ atrophied wings back into working order, enabling them to fly once again.


A transportation method invented by the ancient Reians, powerful Aether crystals are mounted to a decorative chassis to provide a fast and dependable mount. The Sharptooth is named after the handicrafting master who created the fastest model ever recorded.


A gift from the Empyrean Lords to their favored Daevas, the power of Aether is vaporized into a dense cloud that obeys the commands of its rider. Flurries are nimble, fast, and are often given a special name by the Empyrean Lord presenting it.

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