The Dragon Lord Tiamat has urgently dispatched her Incarnations to counter our attacks all over Tiamaranta. These Incarnations protect the four elemental fortresses that provide the magical barrier around Tiamaranta’s Eye. If these Incarnations are defeated, we can infiltrate Tiamaranta’s Eye and begin preparations for our attack on Tiamat herself!

1. Sarpan

Sarpan consists of wastelands that were once used as Tiamat’s Drana plantations. This land has improved greatly under the care of Kahrun and the Reian people, but there are still many dangers that lurk in the area. The Great Reian city of Kamar lies in the center of Sarpan and serves as a neutral base of operations for the Reians, Elyos, and Asmodian war efforts against Tiamat and the Balaur.

2. Tiamaranta

With her powers of petrifaction, rage, gravity and fissures, the Dragon Lord Tiamat has altered the landscape of Tiamaranta and turned the land into her personal stronghold. In the center of Tiamaranta lies Tiamaranta’s Eye, which our scouts have determined to be the only gateway to Tiamat’s fortress.

3. Tiamaranta Siege

Reian Sages have determined that conquering two or more of Tiamat’s “Hearts” will be enough to weaken the protective barrier around Tiamat’s Eye and allow Daevas to infiltrate. You will need to defeat Tiamat’s Incarnations in each fortress to gain control over it. Gather your forces and march on the fortresses!